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Why Website Maintenance Is Essential

Website maintenance is the process of regularly updating, monitoring and troubleshooting a website to ensure it continues to function correctly and efficiently. It’s important for security, performance, content, compliance, and search engine optimization. Regular maintenance helps to secure the website and protect sensitive information, ensure fast and responsive performance, keep content up to date and relevant, ensure compliance with the latest regulations and standards, and improve the visibility and performance of the website in search engines.

At KUBRA Media Solutions, we recognize that a stunning website is just the beginning. After the client handoff, regular maintenance is the key to sustaining its functionality, security, and overall effectiveness. Trust our skilled team to conduct timely updates, fix bugs, and implement crucial security measures, ensuring your website stays in peak condition. Don’t let your online presence stagnate, invest in your website’s health to enhance user experience, boost search engine rankings, and safeguard against potential issues. Elevate your digital strategy by prioritizing the ongoing care and optimization of your website.

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Website Maintenance We Provide

We routinely check our client’s websites to ensure that they run smoothly and stay up to date. Staying relevant and keeping up to date with Google’s algorithm is another aspect of website maintenance we provide on a regular basis.

Security Checks
Bugs & Technical Issues
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Website Maintenance Packages

Leave it to us to keep an eye on your website to ensure a safe and health lifespan


$ 99
99 Month
  • Regular Back-ups
  • CMS & Software Updates
  • Security Updates
  • Plug-in Updates
  • Email Support
  • Revisions (2 Hours)


$ 199
99 Month
  • Basic Package
  • Content Management (2 Hours)
  • Design Management (2 Hours)
  • Email Support
  • Text Support


$ 299
99 Month
  • Pro Package
  • Content Management (4 Hours)
  • Design Management (4 Hours)
  • Email Support
  • Call Support